Tuesday, November 1, 2011

50% Off Deal on Groupon!

Hey Victoria,

Our TacoTime Quadra location is participating in a Groupon deal today that will give you 50% our Tasty Mexican food.

The link on Groupon is here

The Groupons, which get you 50% off, can be used for any regularly priced items on the menu and is usable only at the TacoTime Quadra location and will be valid until May 2nd 2012!

Please note that the Groupons can not be used with our 5.99 Daily Specials, for the $1.29 Tacos on TacoTuesday, the 50% off Burritos on Burritoful Thursday or the Family Fiesta Meals as those are already heavily discounted items.

We'd like you to enjoy our great tasting Mexican fare for Half Off !

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