$5.99 Daily Specials !

A different deal every day !

$1.29 Tacos !

It's Taco Tuesday at Taco Time, Beef or Veggie Tacos for only $1.29 each.

Fiesta Burrito

Get that amazing fresh Taco Time taste for only $2.99.

Burritoful Thursday

Buy any burrito and get the second for half price !

Dinner for the whole family, only $19.99

Feed the family without breaking the bank !

Monday, September 26, 2011

Nachos - Fabulous Finger Food

Are you looking for a snack or a meal? With TacoTime nachos you get to chose!

Available in a regular or large size with our freshly made yellow and red tortilla chips.

Nachos are great as a light snack made with tortilla chips, zesty cheese sauce and our salsa fresca

If you're looking for more of a meal you can chose the Nachos Deluxe where we start with tortilla chips and add savory refritos, seasoned ground beef, sour cream, zesty cheese sauce and our salsa fresca.

Either way Nachos or Nachos Deluxe are a great choice at TacoTime.

Taco Salads - Great Taste and Healthy Too !

Come try our great tasting Taco Salads at TacoTime. You can choose from chicken, beef, or our veggie Taco Salad with black beans, corn and salsa.

All of these delightful treats are a full meal and are served either in a freshly made Tostado bowl or on a plate. Fresh lettuce, Canadian cheddar cheese, tomatoes or salsa and topped of with our tortilla chips.

You can choose from sour cream, guacamole, ranch, italian or thousand islands dressing.

Add some spice to your Taco Salad by adding our zesty original hot sauce or our super hot jalapeno hot sauce.

Great tasting and healthy meals at TacoTime !

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Everyday Value - Tacos at TacoTime

Are you looking for a light snack, something great tasting on a tight budget, or you looking for a feast that won't leave you hungry when you're done ?

TacoTime Tacos, all made with crisp lettuce, fresh diced tomatoes, Canadian cheddar cheese and your choice of seasoned ground beef, sliced chicken breast, refried beans or Mexican rice won't let you down.

At an affordable price you can make your meal as small or large as you want it and if you're really on a budget visit us on Taco Tuesday when beef or veggie tacos are only $1.29 each.

The Supers are Super but try a Specialty Burrito for Something Different

The Super Burritos are what has made TacoTime famous but sometimes you just want to try something different. That's where our Specialty Burritos come in !

The Veggie Burrito is a great tasting vegetarian option with Mexican rice, pinto beans, Canadian cheddar cheese, sour cream, lettuce and our new salsa fresca.

For the savory lover there's the Ranch Chicken burrito with Mexican rice, lettuce tomato, tender chicken strips smothered in ranch dressing.

The meat lover will fall for the Beef & Cheese, a full sized burrito with seasoned ground beef, cheddar cheese and our zesty TacoTime enchilada sauce.

If you want something spicy the Chicken Fajita is rolled up like a burrito and is a delicious combination of chicken strips, onions, peppers, our salsa fresca and topped with crisp lettuce and Canadian cheddar cheese.

Finally, the Crisp Beef Burrito is a tasty blend of seasoned ground beef, and Canadian cheddar cheese rolled tightly in a flour tortilla then deep fried to a crisp golden brown.

All of these burritos, with the exception of the Crisp Beef Burrito, come in a regular size or large size with your choice of tortilla shells (Flour, Whole Wheat, Salsa)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never Tried TacoTime Before ? Try our great taste with the Fiesta Burrito

We brought the Fiesta Burrito to market in 2008 to introduce people who've never tried the great taste of a freshly made TacoTime burrito before.

The Fiesta Burrito is only $2.99 and is packed with our TacoTime seasoned ground beef, Mexican rice, zesty refritos, our freshly made salsa fresca, Canadian cheddar cheese, sour cream and crisp shredded lettuce.

All that taste and only $2.99 !

Try one today !

Feed the Whole Family for only $19.99

We've set up a great deal for your hungry crowd. The Family Fiesta Meal, only $19.99.

You get to choose from a dinner for three adults or two adults & two children.

The Family Fiesta Meal comes with your choice of any three regular sized burrito combos, including a mexi fry and regular drink, and family sized portion of crustos our tasty cinnamon sugar coated dessert tortilla chips.

If you choose the Family Fiesta Meal with the kids combos you get any two regular sized burrito combos and any two kids meal combos and a family sized portion of crustos.

So if you've got to feed a crowd and want great tasting fresh made food for a great price TacoTime Victoria has just the fix for you !

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Om nom nom nom ... It's Burritoful Thursday !

Do you have a hunger that just won't quit ?

You need to come to TacoTime on Burritoful Thursdays !

Every Thursday at TacoTime Victoria is Burritoful Thursday where if you get any two burritos the second one will be half price !

That's right, Any Two Burritos, Any Sizes and the Second One will be Half Price

Great Deals Every Day at TacoTime Victoria !

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Super Burritos - Beef, Chicken or Bean

Our most popular burritos of all time are the Super Burritos. Filled with delicious Canadian cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce and diced tomatoes, sour cream and your choice of seasoned ground beef, sliced grilled chicken breast or our savory refritos.

The Super Burritos will fill your craving for TacoTime as a regular sized burrito or, if you're super hungry, in the larger Grande / Baja size !

Come on down to TacoTime today and try a Super Burrito today !